Broome Park Hotel Wedding - Nad & Lucas

Nad & Lucas - Broome Park Hotel
July 2023
Bride and groom holding hands at broome park hotel wedding

Broome Park Hotel Wedding - Kent

Just outside of Canterbury in the countryside village of Barham you can find the wedding venue Broome Park Hotel which is also a golf resort! A round of golf wedding your ceremony maybe?? There's a marquee out back for larger wedding receptions, the best part is the outdoor area for the wedding ceremony....I believe it's called the Italian gardens....there's a waterfall/pond but I've never seen any water in it, not that that matters of course!

Nad & Lucas were awesome. I don't think I've photographed a wedding with so many guests!!! I think there was over 300 in the  seating'd think that would result in chaos but actually it was really nice and orderly! Everyone so relaxed and deep in conversation, really valuing the day. 

If you feel like you resonate with my Wedding photography I would love to hear all about you both Let's do this.