About Me

My Work

Photography has been a passion of mine for a number of years now. And having recognition and experience in the field, I consider it as my first love. 

I like to get to know couples before their wedding day, this helps ensure I know everything about their personalities on top of everything about their special day

I love documenting moments. I love to see love. Whether thats between a bride and a groom or the groom and his best man.

Human connections, human moments, I just want to create the best image possible in the simplest way possible.  

Whats my method of capturing your story?

Some shots may be classified as short and sweet while others are simply downright embarrassing. I feel there is a storyteller inside every human body, waiting to jump out and disclose themselves to the world. I’m not serious most of the time so that’s exactly what I want my clients to witness for themselves. I shoot most of the day candid, I'm aware most people aren't professional models and getting that important story telling image happens best when they're unaware I'm capturing the moment. The best wedding photography is when you forget there is a camera! I'm all for being creative.