About Me

My Work

Just as no two marriages are the same, I believe that each wedding is inherently unique. My goal is to capture every couple’s character, to help create photographs that will trigger memories for years to come and to document the emotions of the day in a natural way. 

I love to see love, whether between bride and groom, family, best man or bridesmaids, and the smallest of intimate moments can create the greatest shots of all.

Your wedding

I shoot most of the day candidly, well aware that the best images happen when people are utterly unaware they’re being photographed. I also offer a creative video service; a unique way to illustrate the ambiance of the day and the moments you shared together.

My love for photography has given me opportunities in life I’m incredibly grateful for, and I’m eternally appreciative for all the couples that have put their trust in me to capture their special day.

I'm also an avid astrophotographer, although finding dark skies nearby can be problematic. Taken at Botany Bay in Kent, this shot was featured by BBC South East Today.