Need someone to cheer you on or grab you a McMuffin on the big day? Consider me your guy.

Hey, I'm James. So, a bit about me – I’m based in Margate, Kent, a seaside town that’s been my playground since forever. Little fact: Margate’s part of Thanet, which used to be an island! Located on the most south eastern point of Kent. 

I love nature, I plant trees every month, with a boost for every wedding booking. 

Now, onto my vibe:

  • Caffeine? Just makes me sleepy. Seriously, a coffee sends me straight to dreamland.
  • When the wedding band belts out "Never Too Much" for the umpteenth time, I’m still grooving.
  • Favorite flick? La La Land – pure masterpiece.
  • I’m all about those instant photos.
  • Once decided I wanted a pond in my backyard, and boom, had a mini ecosystem for the kids within 12 hours.
  • Oh, and I’m the king of browser tabs – currently rocking 38 open. Yep, I’m that dude.


Now, back to the start – that’s me rocking my Snoopy tee, sporting my gran’s specs and my trademark lop-sided fringe. Classic, huh?

You are keen to know what I was like as a kid, I'm sure. Well my old school reports go as far as - 

  • James is a very sensitive and thoughtful boy.
  • If he is to achieve his potential, however, he needs to learn to focus his attention. 
  • He is capable of good standard of work but often seems unsure of himself and is easily distracted.
  • James is a popular member of the class and I have enjoyed having him with me this year. 

I think the last bit is a copy and paste job with everyone else in the class but everything else, nailed it!


Started snapping shots of the stars as a form of therapy, learning all the nitty-gritty of photography along the way. Tried landscapes, but quickly found my groove with people.

From night sky into portraits...

My kids never posed for pics, so instead of forcing it, I learned to capture them in their element – real and unfiltered.

So instead of "look at daddy and smile" it was "LET'S GO TO THE BEACH AND EXPLORE" 


When I was asked to shoot my first wedding, I hesitated. But with a little nudge from family, I took the plunge, did my homework, and aced it. And since then, weddings have become my jam, bringing out the best in me.

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