A botany bay summer engagement photography shoot

My photography approach

There's lots to be said about different styles of photography. When I think back and remember weddings I attended way before I became a Wedding Photographer, I often remember the photographer being quite formal, with lots of posing and ordering around. I on the other hand, try my best to not pose couples. I love to see how couples act together, seeing what they do naturally and then working with it, which is EXACTLY what I did during this Botany Bay shoot with the awesome Emily & Nick.

Botany Bay Beach

The popularity of Botany Bay has soared in recent years, once Kents best kept secret, it's hard to find space to set up your beach towels in the summer! The beach itself is located between Margate and Broadstairs, with it's golden sands with the sun setting over the sea, it's the perfect location for couples portraits. Parking at Botany Bay can be quite tough, but it's mostly free around palm bay and the surrounding areas. When the tide is low, there is plenty of room for fossil hunting. There is also lots of space to explore rock pools. However, the ends of the beach get cut off because of the shape of cliffs.

Growing up I used to spend nearly every day of my summer holidays. Botany has a special place in my heart for sure! So if you're looking for beaches near Broadstairs, you've found the best!