Wilderness Weddings - Steph & Rich

Steph & Rich - Wilderness Weddings
May 2023

Where to start with Wilderness Weddings? When you look on google maps for it, it looks like it's the wrong place but I can assure you, it's there! Located behind Preston Court, wilderness weddings is accessed via Deerson Lane. There's not much parking down there so make sure your wedding guests car share!


As Kent wedding venues go, this is up there. As the name "Wilderness Weddings" should hint....it's off grid. I couldn't tell you how much it is to hire for your wedding, but if you love nature, and rustic weddings, book it. Even the bathroom is awesome. 


Rich was a couple years below me at school YEARS ago (I feel old) imagine my surprise when I was on a zoom call with him and his partner Steph when they were all the way over in Sydney. Imagine planning a kent wedding, from 10,000 miles away?!


So the Wilderness has a glamping site for wedding overnight accommodation (which is awesome) but we start off over in Sandwich at an Airbnb for getting ready. As airbnbs go, it was wicked.