Hybrid Wedding Photography

My video - Hybrid Wedding Photography - An Introduction

I am so pleased to be a Hybrid Wedding Photographer

I shoot both photo & video as a single person, hence the term Hybrid Wedding Photography.
I use 2 cameras, with 2 different lenses. My process is to take photos, and then quicky switch to video mode and instantly start recording video. When I provide the photo gallery to the happy couple I also send over a highlight video, filmed and edited by me, including audio from the day, which is normally typically the vows from the ceremony and speeches.

I am so obsessed by offering this, it's even a huge deal breaker when deciding on which equipment I need. In fact, the cameras I use today are some of the only ones which can switch between photo & video instantly. Which is surprising due to being able to do it with our phones....but not too surprising when you considering the huge amount of data the camera is processing once a photo is taken.

I don't want couples to have to choose between having a photographer or videographer. I also absolutely love the reasons that most couples who book me, are that they don't want to have to trust another company to film when I provide the service myself.

I edit all wedding films myself, and whilst filming I constantly plan in my mind about how the film will look. 

For examples of my hybrid wedding videos please click here

Hybrid Wedding Photography

To the left you'll find an example highlight wedding video I filmed whilst also being a photographer.

Recording all the audio from the day, gives me an advantage whilst editing the hundreds of clips I end up with after the wedding! Piecing the story back together is something I simply cannot get enough of. I love hybrid wedding photography.