Wedding Photography and Unplugged Weddings

What's an unplugged wedding?

It's where guests are asked not to take photos or videos during the ceremony. 

Why would I want an unplugged wedding?

Every wedding, there is an uncle with an ipad enjoying a drink before the ceremony. It's literally my worst nightmare. 

Low and behold, this uncle, along with other guests, hold their devices in front of their faces throughout the duration of the wedding ceremony in order to post their images on social media before anyone else. 

In my opinion, not only is this selfish, it's also very inconsiderate. 

The amount of times these devices get in the way of my photos is far too high. Not too mention....imagine inviting a guest to your wedding, only to glance at them during your ceremony, and instead of seeing their face smiling you see an ipad shining back at you. 

It also makes it harder to get at least one amazing photo of every guest during the ceremony, because of them watching your entire ceremony through a screen. It is infuriating.