What if it rains on my wedding day?

Don't let rain put a downer on your wedding day excitement! Ignore the weather forecast and whatever the weather, just embrace it!

Using off camera flash to light up an umbrella in the rain

Get your camera settings correct

With this I get my composition where I want it. I have a Godox AD200 flash on a stand under the wooden structure (mainly so it doesnt get wet) Using my Nikon z6 I surprisingly focus rather easily in this low light, i say low light I mean VERY dark conditions. I set the flash to 1/2 power and yea, bang on with the power. Only thing I wish I could have made better was the spread of the light, as I hadnt brought my Godox bare bulb attachment to this wedding.

This image is taken at the following settings. F8 1/200th and iso 250.

Add the umbrella

So now you have your camera settings correct, you need to go grab the couple from the wedding reception! Obviously not forgetting the umbrella, in this case i passed the groom a Godox V86OII flash and simply asked him to point it upwards towards the umbrella. 

Triggering both Godox flashes with the X-PRO trigger, I set the v860ii to 1/4th power. I simply wanted to light the umbrella, and not produce too much of a glow around the couple.