Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the actual photographer on the day?

It might not be well known but when booking a package deal for a destination wedding, you often have zero clue who will be your wedding photographer. It'll always be just me, maybe I'll bring an assistant along depending on the size of your celebration. I never outsource any of my work, I edit all my photos and videos myself. 

Will you hold the date whilst we decide?

In the past I've always been open to the idea, however if I have another enquiry and I can't get hold of you for any reason then whoever pays the small deposit first will secure the date. 

Do you shoot family photos at the wedding?

I sure do, I just don't generally post them as marketing material to attract new couples. I try and get them done quickly, often using an extroverted uncle or groomsman to shout out your short pre-prepared list of combinations. This is because the longer they take, the more people want to head back inside to the bar!

Do you send us all the photos you take?

I generally take over 3000 photos, and believe would NOT have a good time viewing them all in an online gallery! The reason I take so many is to ensure that I capture your day well, and do not miss anything. Not all moments can be anticipated! I essentially remove the images which do not make the cut. 

Which areas do you cover?

I'm a photographer based in Ramsgate which is on the tip of Kent. I've photographed weddings all over the south east, from Margate in Kent, to Colchester in Essex all the way up to the midlands! 

I have bookings this year all over the UK. I love to travel, there is no wedding not worth travelling for. 

What is the online gallery like?

It's pretty awesome to be honest! If you contact me, I'll me more than happy to send over a gallery from a previous wedding. And I encourage to get at least 1 from any other wedding photographers you're potentially booking. 

Do you shoot engagement photography?

Hell yea I do. Just head over to my engagement photography page to find out more. 

Are you insured?

I sure am. I have all my equipment insured of course, and also public liability which I will happily provide to your venue if they require it. 

Can we meet with you before booking?

I encourage a meeting before booking to ensure we gel correctly. Facetime/skype would be smashing!