Royal Harbour Brasserie Ramsgate, Thanet

A sit down with Adrian Mowl. Head chef and proprietor of the leading Thanet restaurant "Royal Harbour Brasserie"

Earlier this year I approached a few small businesses in Thanet offering my services for video production. I made it clear, I didn't want to just turn up and provide them a video. I was determined to tell their story, the reasons why they do what they do and show their passion and love for it. The Royal Harbour Brasserie was the only business to reply back, for which I am grateful for. 

During filming we had a general conversation about how running the restaurant came about, and his love for creating his famous sunday roast dinner! I can confirm, the gravy is to die for. 

Take a look at the video below, you can find Adrian at the end of ramsgate pier and through the link below. Happy eating! Be sure to leave a Trip Advisor review!

A sit down with Adrian Mowl - Royal Harbour Brasserie Ramsgate

Fuss free, fine dining to be had at Thanet restaurant Royal Harbour Brasserie.