Pelham House Sussex Wedding Photography

Pelham House Sussex Wedding Photography Slideshow

Pelham House

The expansive, sprawling grounds, and manicured lawns of the Pelham House in Sussex made for a beautiful place to spend the day celebrating with Josh and Charley. The natural light, relaxed and easy atmosphere, and the happily glowing couple made it a fun day all around. Charley and Josh were the sweetest couple, and even though we didn’t meet until the day of the wedding, their easy-going and relaxed demeanor made me feel like I'd known them my whole life. 

Getting Ready

Charley got ready in the dressing room, a gorgeous ensuite with big windows and lots of natural light. All morning, good vibes were in the air, and stress and worry seemed far away. I love creating a haven for couples on their wedding day that is free of anxiety and worry. The simple elegance of the restored old townhouse; and the gorgeous statlieness of the manicured gardens, and large sprawling lawn of the property made it easy to see why Pelham House is such a popular option amongst couples and wedding photographers.

The Ceremony

The day could not have been more perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Even though it was a beautiful and bright day, the ceremony was set up in a little haven of shade. There were big trees surrounding the open area, and the white chairs and gazebo were the perfect mix of simple and elegant. The manicured lawns and the view of South Downs in the distance were an added plus. 

"Cocktail Hour"

After the ceremony, we took some photos and did a few group shots and family portraits. It was cocktail hour after this, so everyone was talking, laughing, and enjoying their drinks––the perfect time for some candid shots. 


When the guests were situated, we went on a short walk around the grounds of the venue. We took some couple portraits in a few different spots around the grounds. This is a time when I love to allow couples to be completely themselves and do whatever makes them comfortable. I love for this to feel like a private moment that is cherished on your wedding day, a moment where you are able to steal away for a bit and be alone with your significant other. There will be nothing staged about a photoshoot with me––Your wedding day should feel completely natural and uninterrupted; I am simply there to capture photos as the day goes on. 

The Wedding Reception

The reception room at Pelham House was large and beautiful, with lots of natural light streaming in through the huge window on the ceiling. This source of light made getting photos of the speeches a pleasure, which was perfect because this was a particularly emotional part of the day, with lots of tears and laughter. After the speeches, we went over to the bar area for some coffee and tea, and it was still light out at this point, which was so nice. Sussex wedding photography is a blessing to be a part of when you get to enjoy picture perfect days like this with happy couples. 

The evening

The couples first dance was to a One Direction song, which was a unique and memorable touch. Fun fact...the greatest 3d movie in existance isnt Avatar, it's the One Direction movie, seriously though check it out. The dance floor was busy for much of the night, which is always fun from a photographer’s point of view. It was the sweetest way to end a day capturing a lovely couple’s wedding.

One unexpectedly special moment of the day for me was getting to try my first scotch egg. It was pretty amazing, and definitely an unforgettable part of the day for me. It made me excited to return to this venue in the future!!!