Margate Wedding Photographer

So you're looking at getting married in Margate? Wedding planning can be a little don't worry, I got you. 

Getting married in Margate

You're engaged, congratulations! You're early on in your wedding planning journey, so wether you've been engaged for 1 day or 5 years, the next step is to find a place to get married!

I've actually created this page just for you. Being a wedding photographer based in Margate, I've photographed some fantastic weddings here and below I'll share what I've learnt. 

Growing up in Margate experience that's for sure. Recently there's been a huge boom to the local area, the general buzz around is sure to add to your weddings atmosphere. 

Meet your Margate Wedding Photographer

I'm James and I love weddings. I know, of course I do. Without being a wedding photographer in Margate, I'm not sure where I'd be. I've had *counts* 13 different jobs in my life, and I'm so happy I picked up a camera one day to take portraits of my kids. I quicky found out that natural photos were my strength, the look here and move your elbow to point this way etc doesn't work at weddings and it sure doesn't work with my kids!

After I had the technical aspects of photography nailed, as being a Margate wedding photographer I work in ALL different types of lighting, environments and weathers, the next part was working on myself. I had to put my "wedding face on" which was the person I aspired to be, I now don't have to put this face on, because wedding photography genuinely made me into this person you see before you today. 

People constantly ask me what kind of a photographer I am. I would much rather not label it as candid, relaxed, modern, or anything—it is just me saying: "Don't stress about my style. You will have a great day, be at ease, and look awesome."

I plan on photographing weddings in Margate and all around the UK until I'm physically unable to. Photographing weddings is who I am and I am so excited to see what the future holds. 

Wedding venues

The Turner Contemporary

Margates very own contemporary art gallery hosts weddings, from the ceremony all the way to the end of the party! 

Gorgous natural light for your wedding breakfast

An art gallery for wedding portraits

A unique setting for wedding speeches

Finishing up with a sunset on Margate Pier

“I can’t quite believe the amount of amazing photos, all the details. The amount of guests that commented on what a nice guy he was, making everyone feel so chilled was exactly what we wanted”

Margate portrait locations

As Margate is full of life these days, especially in the summer, it's very easy to find some awesome places to go for some photos on your wedding day. My favourite locations are - 

  • Margate Old Town - Cosy cafes, swanky cocktail bars and vintage outlets there's lots happening in the old town. 
  • Margate Pier - Pic
  • Margate Steps - Perfect for dancing along with the day visitors who like to dance to their street music during sunset
  • Margate Beach
  • Walpole Bay Tidal Pool
  • Cliftonville Bandstand
  • Commercial photography might not be permitted though a nice security guard might let us in :)

Margate Old Town

Margate Pier

Margate Steps


I hope you've found this page about getting married in Margate helpful.

If you'd like to connect at any point in your wedding journey please feel free to follow me on my Instagram profile where you can stay up to date with all things weddings.

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