So happy you're here


I'm located in a little town called Ramsgate in Kent. We're quite literally surrounded by the sea which is awesome. 

I love Lala Land, instant photos, insanely strong coffee, pizza, the feeling of sand between my toes and the TV show Lost. Oh, and obscure emo and pop punk bands from the 00s that only I've heard of. Feel free to bond with me over any of the previously mentioned, we will be best pals I'm sure. 

I'm deeply interested in capturing the story of the wedding day and you as a couple rather than forcing you into posed positions and taking you away from your friends and family multiple times. I feel that "posing" is very much old fashioned, a concept from the age of film where photographers had to ensure every image was perfect before taking the photo. Weddings are perfect as they are, there's no need to change anything and create fake moments, it's not a college project, it's the most important day of your lives. 

I'm going to make sure you look great. I won't take you away from the party and I won't change anything on your wedding day, promise. Wedding portraits will take minutes, so you can go and join your best friends and family. If you're still reading, congrats you're my ideal person.