james is a kent wedding photographer and here he is posing for the camera in a natural light filled photo

The Photographer

Hey, I'm James. 

I'm more interested in telling your story as a couple, than forcing you into posed positions. I feel that "posing" is very much old fashioned, a concept from the age of film where photographers had to ensure every image was perfect. I often take many thousands of photos during a wedding day, it's on me to get it perfect, not you. 

I'm going to make sure you look great. I won't take you away from the party and I won't change anything on your wedding day, promise. 

Wedding portraits will take minutes, so you can go and join your best friends and family.

I love Lala Land, instant photos, coffee, the feeling of sand between my toes and the TV show Lost. 

At first the sheer idea of photographing a wedding struck me with fear. I mean, I hadn't even been to many weddings, so the thought of me being trusted to capture someone's special day was a little daunting to say the least! In my experience as a wedding guest, I witnessed couples being dragged off for several shoots on the day, with their photographer changing the timeline, which was so carefully planned, and, quite literally, I saw photographers barking at guests with orders, trying to pose every single thing. I do the opposite of that.

I also educate other photographers on my own youtube channel and plan on hosting in person workshops soon

If you feel like we'll be a great fit, drop me a line to check out my availability! And heck yes I'll travel to you!