How to choose the right Kent Wedding Photographer

As a professional kent wedding photographer, I see many couples as they try to make the right decision when it comes to hiring a hybrid wedding photographer. I understand that a big part of your budget will be invested in documenting your wedding day, and you want to make sure you have the right person for the task. So, here are a couple of tips for couples to choose wisely. 


You need to find out what type of pictures you like. Are you a perfectionist? Or do you prefer a more natural approach? Every kent wedding photographer has a personal style, and you can see it reflected in their work. A local photographer will know the place, but do not limit yourself, and search beyond your city. Check what they offer. Some focus only on the ceremony, some cover events from start to end. Make sure your wedding photographer covers all you need. Ask them if they have assistants, if they have a second camera, offer insurance, and what their policy is regarding changes or cancelations. 
I workk alone, to ber honest I find it better this way. My style is really chilled out and relaxed and my portfolio reflects that. I am able to do all the typical posed photos but my style really is unposed and candid and my website is built in a way to attract my ideal kind of couple.

Feel comfortable

Your Kent wedding photographer will witness and capture very intimate moments, from your first look to your first kiss and dance. You need to meet your photographer before the wedding day personally. If possible, book an engagement shoot to have amazing photos of you as a couple and break the ice and build a relationship before the big day. The right photographer will make you laugh and listen to your needs. Communicate what you like and what you do not, if there is something that makes you feel self-conscious or a specific shoot you want to have with family or in a particular place. 

Hire a professional

Many photographers in Kent offer wedding packages, and I am sure they can take great pictures, but to call yourself a professional Kent wedding photographer, you must have hours of experience, have the right equipment, and know a thing or two about editing and treating people. It is not easy to get a complete family to pose and sit and listen if you do not have people skills as a photographer. A professional will manage the stress and deliver the work you paid for. 

Finally, my most significant piece of advice is, hire the best wedding photographer you can afford and make sure you connect with them. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you should have a way to relieve and preserve memories for you and for generations to come.

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