How to shoot sparkler exit wedding photography

Check with the venue first.

If you don't, I will. Actually I will always will! It's always good to know the fire safety policy of the wedding venue, check in with the wedding co-ordinator and make sure there's a few metal buckets with water nearby!


Lots of them. Lighting sparklers all at the same time is a must here. 

Best camera settings

I typically shoot at f2, 1/125th shutter with an iso of 3200. I often use a small LED light on my cameras hotshoe to shine some light on the couple to help with the exposure.

Long Sparklers

This is pretty obvious....but the longer they are the longer they'll burn. Longer burn time means more photos!

Have someone in charge

It's essentially me, it's aamzing how much people listen to me when I'm just the chap holding 2 cameras! I'll typically find an extrovert guest to help me organise everybody so it stays safe, fun and goes without a hitch. 

Do not run

Sorry to be Mr Buzzkill here, but it's paramount from a safety point of view. Also, because I have to shoot these typically in low light, it'll be much easier for me to nail focus on you both if you walk down slowly :) Perhaps stopping halfway for a cheeky dip!