Joe and Nova - Sands Hotel Margate Wedding

Sands Hotel Margate Wedding


Nova and Joes Margate wedding was one such amazingly beautiful experience for me. It was a wonderfully simple and elegant wedding ceremony which was unlike most of the weddings we attend these days. However, it held its vibe and was exceptional in a lot of ways. 

Their wedding took place at the Sands Hotel. It was a small yet unique gathering. The couple decided to create their bond amongst their loved ones only. The essence of marriage was held close as only family was involved in it. 

The bride designed and created the dress on her own. It was a simple yet incredibly elegant piece which looked utterly beautiful on her. Her daughter had a reading ready, which left people teary eyed. 

The ceremony all led to a massive party in the Cinque Ports, which made the ending of the day worth every moment. The Nova and Joes Wedding, better called the NoJo wedding, was an event that nobody can ever forget. 

We walked through the Margate old town to capture the best images after the ceremony. They arrived at the Cinque Ports in a classic car which made a charming entrance surrounded by their many guests.

NoJo wedding was an incredibly enjoyable celebration, and I loved photographing them. I wish them happy and prosperous years ahead.

Dress - Nova Clarke’s Workshop
Hair - MIA
Make up - Rebecca Brown Make Up Artist
Flowers - Flowers by SP
Venue - Sands Hotel Margate
Reception - Cinque Ports Margate
Car -
Live Band - Brass Junkies
DJJosh Parkinson