A intimate wedding in the heart of kent at the papermill

Exclusive Woodland Weddings Kent

Oh my god. This wedding. Absolutely perfect, from start to finish, everyone I met at the Paper Mill (which is also known as Exclusive Woodland Weddings) were so warm and inviting.

Typically I'd arrive at a wedding venue, my usual 1 hour before I'm expected to be. This is to ensure that I am of course on time and to get my bearings, as I don't usually scout wedding venues before hand. With The Paper Mill I arrive my standard 1 hour before being expected, I was the only person there apart from 1 staff member who was very helpful and accommodating! They showed me around the venue quickly and then I left them to start shooting!

It was 10am and I could tell the weather was going to get very hot but I felt relief in knowing the ceremony and drinks reception were held in an amazing woodland clearing, surrounded by amazing foresty greens giving ideal shade for photos. After a quick drone flight for some establishing footage for the highlight video I am also creating, George the groom arrived with a huge smile on his face! He and his groomsmen were working hard to ensure the venue was ready for the guests imminent arrival! 

After a quick drink as guests arrived we all walked down together to the secluded woodland clearing where the ceremony would be taking place. I LOVE outdoor weddings, especially todays at The Papermill is no exception as there is not a chair cover in sight! Why do people cover up perfectly good chairs with chair covers and sashes anyway?!

The above photo is actually the first time I met Emily!! And what a first meeting! I had to run up from the ceremony area in order to capture her and her bridesmaids arrival.

The ceremony was beaut. They even had friends and family viewing live on zoom! 4G is sparse in the Kent countryside but turns out it's a perfectly good connection down in the ceremony area luckily!!

We finished the day off with the greatest cake I've ever seen and some outdoor games outside the barn!

What a great day!!! Huge love to Emily & George and this amazing woodland in kent