7 steps to plan your wedding stress-free

There are so many amazing wedding suppliers and venues in Kent, that wedding planning can drain your energy and bank account in just a couple of months, but many of the reasons you stress about it have to do with lack of planning. If you follow my advice, I guarantee little things can go wrong. Having a stress-free wedding is possible, trust me. 


There is nothing more critical than start your wedding planning with some money talk. Maybe it is a little uncomfortable, but you need to know what you can afford. Do not assume anything. Address straight to your family or anyone who could contribute financially. Check your savings and incomes, have a number you feel comfortable with, and do not compromise your future finances. 

Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding will take months of planning, and you will feel as it just started when it was already over. On the day of your wedding, you will be running from one place to the next, and possibly lose track of what is going on inside the venue while you are waiting to appear, or perhaps you will want to relive the look of your partner when you walked down the aisle. That is the importance of hiring a professional kent wedding photographer. They will know exactly where to be to capture the most critical moments. I have a short guide on how to pick the right wedding photographer here. I know nowadays everyone has a high-quality camera right on their smartphone. Still, weddings have moments that can not be repeated, and ending up with a blurry photo of you as you said your vows or walked as Ms. and Mrs. for the first time would be disappointing.  I'd also recommend considering an unplugged wedding, as these devices ruining wedding photos is all too common. 


When you have a budget, you can know your limits and determine the size of the wedding you can afford. Since it is too early on the process, you can do a draft and polish the list later, have an estimated number of guests, calculate the cost of the venue you need to accommodate them, catering, invitations, and so on. 

Decide if you want to hire a wedding planner

Unless you are familiar with the wedding or event industry, planning a big event can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If your budget allows it, hiring a professional wedding planner will save you time and headaches. He or she will guide you from day one, will help organize information, choose a venue, and every other vendor you need. Suppose you have enough time or help from your family and friends. In that case, you can hire a day-of coordinator who will assist you in making sure the timeline flows correctly, overseeing vendors, and taking care of any eventuality. 

Choose a date and style

It is crucial before heading in the look for venues to have a clear idea of the type of wedding you want, from selecting the season of the year, a couple of specific dates, and the overall style. For example, a summer wedding with a rustic theme should be celebrated at a garden, farm, or even a castle. And if you want a winter wedding with classic white decoration and a romantic vibe, you should go to a luxurious hotel. Having a venue that matches the style you are looking for will save you money in decoration, and it will look stunning in pictures.  And remember, it's ok to say no to any suppliers who you feel won't suit your wedding.

Get into the details

Start searching for your wedding attire, decoration, cake, catering tasting, hair and makeup appointments, invitations, transportation, wedding photographer and videographer, and everything you need to hire. Make appointments with the vendors you liked and get to meet them; ask all the questions you need before signing the contract. If you have a religious or legal ceremony, you should also find out what forms and documents you need to have ready.  

Organise and Enjoy

Set yourself realistic goals for each month. If you have a year to plan, you should have a budget, guest list, and venue in the first three months. In the next three months, hire all the vendors you need, find your wedding dress and suit. By the 9th month, you should have your invitations almost ready. Start with trials of makeup and hair, catering, and cake tasting. Two months before the big day, send your invitations, and have the final wedding dress trial. A month before, get in touch with all vendors and let everyone know the timeline of the day. When the day arrives, make sure you have a healthy breakfast or lunch, breath, and enjoy every moment.