5 reasons to get married in Margate

Why should I get married in Margate

Margate is a popular seaside town, often referred to by the "down from Londons" as Shoreditch on sea.. It's my home town and it has a certain charm to it, with many creatives and interesting characters who reside here. 

Here are my reasons as a Margate wedding photographer, why you should consider getting married in Margate. 

1. Margates Sunsets

The 1 main thing I look for in wedding photography is nice light, and the light in Margate is insane.

Landscape painter J.M.W Turner loved Margate for a reason, and it's clear to see why. Margates sunsets are as close to an Ibiza sunset we are able to get in Kent. With the sun setting over the sea it's hard to find a more romantic setting. 

2. Margates Nightlife

Margate during the summer months is jam packed full of tourists. The hustle and bustle is full of positive vibes, during sunset on the beach there is usually a few beach parties with small fires and dancing. After the beach why not head over to the Cinque Ports for an IPA, or to Sundowners to see a drag act with a few cocktails!

3. Amazing Photo Locations

Being a seaside town, there are many photo opportunities to be had in Margate. From the beach, to the old town. From the art-deco Arlington house, to cliftonville where you will find all sorts of interesting characters. 

4. Wedding Venues

Sands Hotel


5. Dreamland, Margate

If you and your guests are adrenalin junkies, Dreamland is the perfect spot to visit during your wedding weekend. 

You can now even get married here! Right in the middle of the park, followed by a wedding reception in the ballroom.